Saturday 18 August 2018

Welcome ...

Table Tennis Wales
On behalf of the Table Tennis Association of Wales we welcome all players and friends of the Home Countries. A special mention goes to Jersey and their players for which will be a first at this event.

I would also like to thank Sandra Rider, Brian Finn, Maggie Mulhern, Ian McLaggan, Duncan Mills and Lionel Jones for their support with this event. Special thanks to Tim Harris our referee, Mary Harris and David Adamson and the Wales Veteran committee of Regina Grech, Dennis Bromage, Mike Watts, Kath Mitchell-Dawson and Glyn Kellow. I would also like to thank the Table Tennis Association of Wales for their continuous support and the staff of the Welsh Institute of Sport.

I have found working with your Delegate representatives and the Wales Veterans committee an inspiring experience and you are all very fortunate to have these people gluing the processes together they are inspiring people.

Finally, I wish you as players and friends an enjoyable event and will leave you with this wish. Our sport is a very unpredictable game as I have found out myself, you can train every spare hour of the day for an event and when the time comes to perform on the table an edge here or a net there can change the overall result. One thing that I have learnt over the years as my hair has turned grey, over time events even out, but the one thing that should remain paramount is the continuous friendship and comradeship that prevails through out our sport and is well demonstrated over the years within this Home Nations event. So, after all the medals have been awarded and the dust settles on another year we hope that this event will if nothing else still maintain existing friendships and bring new ones.

Yours Sincerely
Steve Eades
TTAW Veterans Delegate & Vice President of the TTW.