Photos from Dublin 2023

Photos from the 2016 Six Nations event held at Ellesmere Port

Photos from the 2015 Six Nations event held on the Isle of Man

This is just a small selection of the photos taken over the weekend, we have around 4,000 to choose from!  If you would like to see them all then simply send us a USB stick and we'll load them all on and send it back to you - alternatively you can contact our Chairman, Maggie Mulhern, and she'll get in touch with the Press Officer, Malcolm Lambert (email Maggie Mulhern -  Great to see you all and here's to next years event!

Photos from the 2013 Six Nations event in Dublin

You can see pics from the event HERE, and pics from the Presentation Dinner HERE.

Jenny Harrison, Theresa Devaney & Helena Dennett,
who took silver for the host nation in the Ladies 50s team event

Photos from the 2012 Six Nations event in Cardiff

To see pics from the 2012 Six Nations event, click HERE. If you'd like to download any of them, you're welcome to do so, but please read the following message from Stan Eastwood first:

Shots from the 6 Nations Veterans Table Tennis competition held at the Wales National Sports Centre in Cardiff from the 21st to the 23rd September 2012.

Pictures on this site have been taken by Stan Eastwood, a veteran table tennis player playing in the Swansea League in Wales.

My Veteran colleagues may down load these pictures free of charge as my support for the 'game' and its players and may be printed out without comment. However, if they are used on any social media site on any form of computer they must carry a "photo by Stan Eastwood" label/comment.

Not a lot to ask for three days of work!

If you want better quality reproductions please contact me on the email address displayed at the event.


Stan has uploaded about 80 so far, and will add more as he gets time to do so.

Six Nations 2011, Guernsey

Wales 70s team - Dennis Bromage, Gil Hanks and Roger Thomas - who took the silver medal in the team event. Roger
also won gold in the men's 70s Consolation event. (pic: Kath Banks)

Wales men's 50s team - Gareth Dommett, Steve Eades and Steve Hall - who took the silver medal in the team event. Steve Hall won silver in the Men's 50s singles, and Steve Eades and Gareth Dommett won silver in the Men's 50s doubles. (pic: Kath Banks)

Wales Ladies' 40s - Stevie Grech and Lesley Keast - won silver in the team event,
and gold in the Ladies' 40s doubles. Stevie also took gold in the Ladies 50s singles (pic: Kath Banks)

Wales men's 40s - Neil Wright, Steve Buck and Tony Collins - won silver in the team event (pic: Kath Banks)

Steve Eades, as Wales delegate, receives the baton from the 2011 host nation's delegate, Lionel Jones,
in preparation for Wales hosting the event in September 2012 (pic: Kath Banks)

pic from Gil Hanks
pic from Gil Hanks

pic from Gil Hanks

pic from Gil Hanks

pic from Gil Hanks

pic from Gil Hanks

The hard-working Welsh delegate, taking a well-earned rest! (pic: Kath Banks)